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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Compass Learning Sample Activities- Math

Compass Learning has a site full of 
wonderful learning activities for kids.  

Although the site requires a subscription, 
they do have some fabulous FREE
sample reading, math, science, and social studies activities

One thing I really love about the activities on Compass Learning is 

that they aren't simply games, they are truly 
lessons with content taught before the game. 

Two of my favorite math activities are for Kindergarten. 
The first is called Sorting Under the Sea. 

It gives both oral directions and a demonstration 
before asking the student to sort the fish by color or size. 
There is great feedback and even a checking option. 

The second activity is 

Students estimate and measure the number of cinnamon 
rolls on Chef Pierre's pan and fit them into 
his different sized pans. 
This activity also has great oral directions 
and help along with a checking option. 

Be sure to check out these great FREE lessons! 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Online Balance Scales

Here are some great online balance scales to use on your SmartBoard. 

This scale from iboard is a great site for little ones.  
Students simply have to balance animals on the scale. 

This scale is a good one for basic comparison of items.  

This scale from TeacherLed is great for comparing weights.

Weigh it Up Is a fun activity for practicing balancing weights. 

This Bunny Balance game is a fun way to practice comparing weights! 

And the Poodle Weigh-In game from Cyberchase is another great practice activity! 

Friday, October 29, 2010

MrNussbaum's Math Games has some fabulous and fun math games!  His games cover a wide variety of topics and have such fun themes- from boxing to soccer to basketball- he has it all! 

Here are a few of my favorite math games on his site: 

Lunch Lady (counting money)

Place Value Pirates (place value)

War Pretzels (addition and subtraction)

Around the World (multiplication)

Tackle Ball Math (division- and you can choose your team!)

Computation Castle (mixed math skills)

Garage Sale Wizard (counting money)

Half Court Rounding (rounding and estimation)

Bedtime Bandits (telling time)

Sal's Sub Shop (measurement)

Check out these and many more fabulous games here! 

Monday, January 11, 2010

Smart Measurement Wiki

Jim Dornberg has created a fabulous wiki full of Smart Measurement Websites.

The site is divided into the following categories, is divided up into grade level groups, and is full of flash based links.

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