Thursday, May 25, 2017

I Didn't Know Google could do THAT: Web Clipboard

Did you know that you have a web clipboard in Google Docs?
You do!

What is the Web clipboard?
So the Web clipboard is a place where you can store copied text or images for use in Google docs. It's like your computer's clipboard, where all your control+C or command+C text and images go, except it lives on the Web and the best part? It can hold LOTS of things, not just one at a time!

Here are a couple of things I LOVE about the Web clipboard:
  • You can copy between computers. If you put something on the Web clipboard at work you can then access it on your desktop computer at home or anywhere in the world- since it's web based.
  • You can store images on the Web clipboard! ImageS- not just one image! Your computer's clipboard can only store your most recent copied or cut text or image. The Web clipboard lets you store several and choose the one you need when you need it. So if you regularly want to use an image, just save it to the web clipboard for easy access.
  • Inserting a symbol in Google Docs is multi-step. You have to go to the Insert Drop Down and choose Special Character.
    Then you have to search for the character you want, select it and close the pop-up menu.
    Using the web clipboard you can just save those often used characters and insert super quickly!

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  • Things stay on the Web clipboard for 30 days. 30 days is awesome! Anything you use regularly- just store it on the web clipboard!

Using the Web clipboard is super easy!
Here's how:
  • Highlight text or an image that you want to copy.
  • Go to the Edit menu and select Web clipboard.
  • Select Copy to web clipboard. If you have created a Drawing, go to the Actions menu and choose Web clipboard and then Copy entire drawing to web clipboard.

In the document where you want to place your copied item, just place your cursor where the copied item belongs. Go to the Edit menu and select Web clipboard. Then hover over the Drawings that are copied until you find the one you want. Click on it and it will be pasted in your document!

You can find more Web Clipboard Details HERE.

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