Monday, February 20, 2017


I'd heard about InstaGrok before but was reminded of it again while at TCEA a few weeks 
ago and decided to check it out again to see what had 
been added & how it had changed. 
What I found was that it is a GREAT resource for students 
and bonus... it's totally free!
{Only downside is that it doesn't appear their iOS app is working anymore!}

What is InstaGrok
InstaGrok is a research tool that allows users to build a concept map
 that they can pin notes, websites, videos, and facts to- 
keeping all of their resources in one place.  
Users can then open a journal that cites all of the resources with active hyperlinks, 
creating a fully interactive journal that can be saved and shared.

A user starts by typing in a search term & clicking Grok after creating a free account. 

A visual concept map will appear with lots of different words connected. 

Clicking each item gives you a box with lots of different options to select from: 
Key Facts, Websites, Videos, Images, Concepts, and Notes. 
You can scroll through each tab and select those items you want to keep 
by clicking the pin button on the right side of each item. 

There is even a difficulty level at the top that you can slide to 
make the results easier or more challenging. 
There are also buttons at the top that allow you to customize the colors. 

On the Journal tab you can review the information and use it to help your write a paper. 
On the far right side it has both a list of pinned items and a bibliography of those items. 

An InstaGrok can be shared in a variety of ways or even embedded on a website!

You can check out a sample InstaGrok HERE
What a great tool for researching!

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