Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Sometimes you need to quickly collect votes on a topic from students or teachers. 

Next time you do, try using Dotstorming! 

Dotstorming is a super easy page to set up and it is free!

To get started you create a free account 
(which is just name, email, and password)
and then add a topic. 
You give the topic a name, a description, 
and choose how many votes each person gets and then click Create. 
That's it! 

Then you add items either as an idea (text) or an image. 

Once you are finished adding ideas and images, 
you click the Share button which gives you an option to either share 
via a link or embed on a website. 

You can check out a simple example HERE

Once on the website you just type in your name in the top right corner and click Join. 

To vote you simply click the circle of the item you want to vote for. 
You can even leave comments under items. 

Simple and free- what more can you ask for? 

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