Thursday, January 19, 2017

Presidential Inauguration Rescources

Looking for some presidential inauguration resources for your students? 
Here are a few of my favorites: 

from The New York Times is an awesome site that looks at the language of presidential inaugural addresses. The most-used words in each address for each president appear in the interactive chart, sized by number of uses. Words highlighted in yellow were used significantly more in this inaugural address than average. Such a great resource! 

My Fellow Americans from the Wall Street Journal is similar to the NYT site in that it covers each president's inaugural speech and even includes links to listen to each speech and view excerpts on Hulu. 

This Presidential Inauguration Bingo game from Hip Homeschool Mom would be fun 
for students who plan to watch the inauguration. 

The Oaths: From Washington to Obama from the Washington Post is a great site
 that includes information about each inauguration. 

Here are some great videos to share with students: 

Check out even more resources in the list below: 

You can also check out tons more US President's Day Resources 
on my Presidents' Day Fun website HERE

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