Monday, January 30, 2017

Interactive Music Resources

I had a teacher ask for some online music resources recently
 so I started doing some searching. 
And what I found is that there are a TON of great music resources online!  

I've linked a GIANT list at the bottom of this post of some great interactive
 art and music sites, but here are a few of my favorite music ones: 

Chrome Music Lab is such a great resource for music teachers!
On this site you can play with sound, rhythm, melody, and more. 
Chrome Music Lab is all built for the web, so you can start playing instantly, 
whether you’re on a tablet, phone, or laptop.

The Early Bird Singers is such a fun site!
You simply click on the birds to make your own tune or click to play 3 Blind Mice. 

This Orchestra game is a fun way to practice identifying instruments by sound. 

Did you know you could practice just about any instrument virtually?  You can! 

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