Tuesday, November 1, 2016

EASY Video Resources

Teachers are always wanting to create videos or have their students create 
them and often ask me for an easy way to do so.  
So I thought I would share a few video resources for anyone that might need them!

If you are looking for something to make quick, easy, and awesome looking graphics, mini-websites, or videos (by combining images, music, and voice), Adobe Spark is a great option! 

Things I love about Spark: 
You can find an Adobe Spark Educator Guide HERE to share with teachers. 

You can use YouTube Editor to put together clips to create new videos and publish them to YouTube with one single click.  

Things I love about YouTube Editor: 
  • All teachers already have a YouTube account connected to their Google account
  • It's super easy and FREE
  • You can add music and effects easily
You can learn more about YouTube Editor HERE
Sharalike makes it possible to create videos from your pictures set to music in truly just a few short clicks. You simply create an album, upload your pics, pic a template and music and you are done!

Things I love about Sharalike: 
  • It's FREE
  • It's ridiculously easy
  • It has a great Sharalike app

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