Monday, February 8, 2016

Angela Maiers ROCKS

When I saw that Angela Maiers would be speaking at
TCEA this year I was so STINKIN' excited!

I've listened to her Ted Talk, read her books and blogs,
followed her on all forms of social media,
but was so looking forward to meeting her and hearing her speak in person. 
And let me tell you....she did NOTdisappoint!  

She's just as warm, genuine, and amazing as I had expected!  
She shared a lesson from her new FREE ebook titled Liberating Genius
which she created to help educators launch passion-based learning via Genius Hour.

 It helps teachers liberate the genius of their students, 
with explicit daily lessons to help students discover and
explore the unique genius and passions inside everyone.

She actually had those in the audience participate in one of the lessons
and it was truly POWERFUL!

If you are an educator, you simply MUST download this book right now! 

On the stage she had an awesome banner with her
YOU MATTER Manifesto on it
that I loved
so I decided to make some printable cards with the manifesto on them. 

How fun would these be to print and cut apart and put in student's notebooks, 
in their desks, stapled to their returned papers, in their books, 
or even stuck to the mirror in their bathrooms? 

You can print out your own PDF copy HERE

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