Thursday, January 7, 2016

Snow Fun Resources 2016

It hasn't been very cold here this winter at all
and since we don't see snow here in our part of Texas very often {if ever}, 
here are a few fun virtual snowman building sites so you students can practice 
building a snowman or snowflakes even when it's warm outside!

Snowman Apps: 

Paid Apps:

Snowman Builders:

Snowdays- This site allows students to create their own snowflakes. Kids (and adults) absolutely love this site! Once they have created some snowflakes, they can search for their own flakes in the search box at the bottom of the page. If you want to see some really fabulous snowflakes, search for Flake Fan. Snowflakes can also be printed out!

This fun site allows you to make a snowflake using the letters of your name!

Snow Games and Stories: 

Snowflake Symphony Game- Make beautiful snowy music with Snowflake Symphony. Move your mouse over the snowflakes, click on them and you'll hear a musical, magical snowflake symphony!

Snow Printables:

Snowman Smart Notebook Files can be found HERE
Snow Science videos can be found HERE.

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