Thursday, December 10, 2015

Google Drive Search Updates

I love Google Drive but searching for documents in my 
Google Drive makes me a tad batty. 
It is cumbersome and weird and takes forever to find a doc. 
Finding what you are looking for in Drive 
on the first try is rarer than a snow day in Texas!
UNTIL TODAY that is!  

Google recently updated their search options in Drive 
and it is SO MUCH EASIER!  
WOO stinkin' HOO! 

When you go to your Google Drive you might not
 immediately notice a difference...
unless you click the down arrow next to the search box! 

Doing so gives you a drop down window with a bunch of options. 

The first allows you to search for specific types of files. SO AWESOME!

The next drop down allows you to choose how the file opens. 

And the last one allows you to search based on who the owner of the document is! 

Such easy changes that will make searching in your Google Drive so much easier!
Way to go Google Drive!  

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