Friday, October 16, 2015

Social Studies & Science Virtual Fieldtrips & Tours

Sometimes it isn't possible to take your students to see something you 
are learning about that is located in another part of Texas. 
 Earlier this year I did some research and
found that there are some GREAT Texas Virtual Tours. 

{What's a virtual tour? A virtual tour is an online media presentation that represents a real location in 
the most realistic form possible. Basically it's a trip you take on your computer!} 

While they don't typically show you everything from a location, a virtual tour 
helps students visualize what you are discussing in class.
They are also a fab way to share experiences with
students who might not normally get them! 

Since then I've been gathering some Social Studies 
and Science Virtual Fieldtrips & Tours 
and there are some AWESOME ones out there 
for teachers to use with their students!

Here are a few of my favorites: 

Below are two lists full of Virtual Fieldtrips and Tours! 

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