Monday, October 26, 2015

Google Sheet Explore ROCKS!

Google Sheets has recently come out with a new feature that I just LOVE- Explore!

Explore allows you to see automatic charts and 
analysis based on the data in your spreadsheet. 
You can also use it to find patterns in your data 
and add the charts directly to your spreadsheet. 
This is similar to the old "Summary of Responses" 
you got on a form spreadsheet, but it works for ALL spreadsheets- 
not just those generated from forms! 
How cool is that? 

It's super simple too! To use it: 

  • Open a Google Spreadsheet
  • Select the range of cells you want information on
  • In the bottom right corner look for the Explore icon. If the icon is green, click it. 

Charts and analysis will appear, showing trends and patterns from the data in your spreadsheet. Hover over a chart to see which data in the spreadsheet is being used in the chart.

Here's an example of a big Google Sheet I created for a conference we were holding and what info showed up in Explore: 

And when I hovered over the Count of Tshirt size graph, the Tshirt size column was highlighted: 

What is even cooler is that you can add a chart or formula from the Explore panel by simply dragging it into your spreadsheet!  You can also add a chart by clicking on the chart icon in the top left corner of the chart. 

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