Thursday, October 15, 2015

Digital Citizenship Printables

Probably the most pinned posts and images
on this blog are those that include the Before you Speak: THINK posters.  
I created the first one back in 2011 here 
and then have updated it several times here and here and here

Last year as I prepared to send out some resources to teachers in our district
 regarding Digital Citizenship Week
I decided to update a few of the THINK posters! 

First up, just the original poster with new icons and fonts: 

Next, same info but a twist on the layout. 

Next, two totally different layouts: 

And finally a new elementary looking version: 

I also made the first version into a bookmark! 
I think they would be a great reminder to print and hand out to students! 

You can print out free PDF or JPG copies HERE. 


  1. These are all so amazing - I don't know which to pick!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  2. Your resources are phenomenal! Thank you so much for sharing all of your work with us!


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