Monday, October 19, 2015

Chrome Tips

I big fat puffy heart Chrome. 
Seriously- why would anyone NOT use Chrome? 

Here are a few of my favorite Chrome tips: 

Open Link in a New Tab
I hate when I click a link and it's not set to open in a new tab. 
When it Chrome though- it's not a problem. 
All you have to do is hold the Ctrl key down when clicking the link
and it will open in a new tab every single time! 

Search from a Web Page
When you are in Chrome on a page and you encounter 
something you want to know more about, 
instead of opening a new tab, navigating to Google, 
and typing in what you are searching for
you can just highlight the word(s), right click 
and choose Search Google for. 

Your results will open in a new tab. 

Search History
Sometimes I come across a site and forget to bookmark it and later need to find it. 
Using Chrome- that's super easy! 

Just click the Chrome menu (three bars on the far right side)
and choose History & Recent Tabs from the drop down menu. 
You'll then see a list of recently closed tabs. 

Clicking the word History at the top of the page or Ctrl + H
 will open a new page with even more History. 

What I love about this page is that it shows the history 
not just for the computer you are on, but for any device you are signed into.

There's a search bar at the top of the page so you can search by key word. 
So if you remember a word or two in the site, you can easily find it! 

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