Friday, May 1, 2015

Fake Social Media Generators

People today communicate so often through social media and text messaging. 
Here are some awesome fake social media generators that would 
be engaging & fun for students and could be used in some cool ways in the classroom.  

Tweet Fake is a generator that allows you to fake a tweet. 
There are several out there but what I love about this one is that it allows you to pull the name and profile picture from any actual Twitter account and it looks CRAZY realistic! 
You just type in the Twitter username, click Find, and select the person. 

It then allows you to create your own tweet as if you were that person! 

It's super realistic looking and even adds reweets and favorites! 

ios7text allows you to create a super realistic looking text message. 
You can change the settings, battery percentage, connection and text.
You just click on the heading on the left side and alter the text. 
You can even choose if the message is green or blue and add an image! 

Simitator allows you to build your own fake Facebook status. 
You can change anything, use emoticons and even upload your 
own profile photos for posts and comments. allows you to imitate Snapchat online. 
Create fake Snapchat images in seconds! 
Just upload an image, write a caption, add a countdown timer, and Snap it! 

Off the top of my head here are a few ideas for using these cool tools in the classroom: 
  • use the text message generator to do sentence corrections for grammar and punctuation
  • use the Twitter generator to have students have conversations between two characters in a book
  • use the Facebook status generator to have a famous person post about a historical event

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