Tuesday, May 19, 2015

50 States & Capitals Fun

Lately I've come across some FABULOUS resources 
for kids who are learning the 50 states and capitals!

Here are a few of my favorites: 
50 States of Lego is so stinkin' cool! 
It's LEGO diorama photographs for all 50 United States! 
There are 50 scenes for the 50 states: 
each scene something unique or representative about each state.
It would be fun to put one up on your interactive whiteboard and
and have the students guess which state the picture represents!

In this game, states appear at the bottom of the game screen and
capitals scroll across the game screen.  
You toss the ball at the moving capital to make a match.  
Move the mouse to aim and click the mouse to toss a ball. 
Each time you get 10 correct, you will get to select a different type of ball. 
Would be great to play on an interactive whiteboard. 

Natural Wonders
This awesome set of images showcases
 a natural wonder in each of the 50 states. 
Some are world-renowned and others are less-discovered gems.
The images are spectacular!

Can't tell Arizona from Wyoming? Then this is the game for you! 
Sharpen your geographic skills by clicking and dragging each state 
to its proper place on the map, and gather fun facts as you go. 
Learn all 50 and you'll be dazzling friends and family in no time!
There's even a printable matching worksheet!

Below is a list of a bunch of other US 
state and capital games and interactives!  

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