Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Force a Copy in Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides

There are times that you want to share a Google spreadsheet, doc or sheet
 with about Google user (a student maybe) but want them NOT to edit your doc,
but to make a copy first.

Of course you could send them directions for how to do so
{because it isn't hard}
but we all know that not everyone reads directions.

So instead...
how about making it automatically prompt them to make a copy?

You can and it is so stinkin' easy you won't believe it!

Here's how: 

1. Create the spreadsheeet, sheet, or doc as you normally would and share it. 
Be sure you SHARE it or this won't work.

2. While in the document, copy the URL but delete the word edit and anything after it
 at the end of the link 

and replace it with the word copy.  

3. Send the link that ends in copy to the person you want to share it with. 
That's it!
When they recieve the link they will get a message 
that asks them if they want to make a copy! 

NOTE: If you are trying to force a copy of the form, 
you must use the URL for the spreadsheet, NOT the form. 
The form is attached to the spreadsheet.  

Here's an example of a form I created. 

Here's the spreadsheet that goes along with it.

{If I share the spreadsheet it shares the form too because they are connected!}

Here's the regular URL when I am in the spreadsheet:

And here it is after I deleted edit and replaced it with copy: 

When I send the second URL this is what the users sees after clicking on it: 

How cool is that?
Easy peasy!  

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