Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cleaning Up your YouTube Videos

There are so many awesome educational videos available on YouTube
 that are great to use in the classroom. 
But if you've ever shown a YouTube video in your classroom you
have probably seen an ad or preview that you WISH had NOT shown up. 

As educators, it is our job and responsibility to try to shield 
our students from inappropriate ads, comments and content sometimes 
linked to some of the educational videos we share.  

Below are some fabulous tools you can use to share educational videos found 
on YouTube safely and without worry in your classroom.
Safe Share TV allows you to view a video without comments or related video
 and also allows you to convert your video to an mp3 or mp4.  
Just paste in your YouTube link and click Generate Safe Link. 

You can either copy the link to paste on a blog or website or in an email
or you can click Take me to the safe view link where the video is played in a gray background.

So instead of seeing this...
{I just picked a fun video to demo these.  If you haven't watched this 
Tim Hawkins video The Wife Song, you should. It is a hoot!}

 you will see...

View Pure allows you to watch YouTube videos without comments or related videos.  
I love that there is no registration or sign up required for View Pure.  
Just go to the site, paste in the YouTube link, click Purify
 and the video is placed in the center of a white background. 

So for the video above you see this....

Nicer Tube also gets rid of ads and comments but goes one step further and 
allows you to customize the background of you video. 
Just paste in your YouTube URL, select or design a background, 
and  click the blue button at the bottom of the page

and you'll see a link to the video with the background you chose! 

QuietTube is a super simple way to view videos with no distractions
by using a bookmark button. 
You just drag the button to your browsers bookmark bar. 
On any video page, just click the bookmark to watch in QuietTube. 

Now this one did have an ad at the bottom of the page 
but it wasn't offensive so I dind't mind it. 
This is a quick and easy way to clean up those videos!  

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