Monday, April 27, 2015

Buzzers ROCK!

It's that time of year when review is happening often in classrooms. 
If you're looking for a fun way to spice up a review game- this post is for YOU-
because it's all about buzzers you can use on your interactive whiteboard! 

When I was in the classroom my kids absolutely LOVE them!
There is just something about them that is so stinkin' FUN!
I've used them in professional development and teachers love them too!

This is a GREAT set of buzzers from Teacher LED.
These buzzers are fabulous to use when playing a review game with your class 
because it quickly shows which team buzzed in first 
as the lights to the side of the buzzer light up
and makes a super fun, game-show like sound.
Here's a quick video of how it works! 

Chan! is another set of buzzers that is fun to use on your SmartBoard. 
It's super simple....just makes the Chan noise when the blue button is pushed
and the Chan Chan noise when the red button is pushed. 
{I know this sounds boring as poop....but click over and try it. 
I promise your kiddos will think it's fun!}

Here's a quick video of how it works! 

QuizScorer is a super awesome scoreboard to use on your SmartBoard. 
It allows you to list the topic and name two teams. 
Once you have started the quiz you can add or subtract points
from teams using the up and down arrows. 
The players even make funny faces - sad when they lose points and happy 
when they gain points and there is even a timer if you need it!

There is even a super cute Christmas version here! 

QuizScorerx4 also allows you to choose your topic and name your teams but 
is a version that allows you to have four teams
Wouldn't it be great to use when graphing?

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