Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Adding an Event to Multiple Calendars at ONCE!

Have you ever wished you could add a Google calendar 
event to MULTIPLE calenders all at once? 

Google has a handy feature where you can copy an event to another 
calendar but sometimes you need to add the event to many calendars 
and that can be rather time consuming. 

I had someone who has lots of calendars ask me today 
if there was any way to do so, so I did a little searching. 

My first thought was....invite them as guests. 
The problem is that most of his calendars are NOT people or groups,
they are just calendars he created for different campuses to use. 

So I thought...maybe you can add a calendar as a guest. 
And you CAN! 

Here's how: 
Go to the calendar settings of the target calendar by
clicking on the tiny arrow next to the name of the calendar 
and choosing Calendar Settings from the drop down menu. 

​Towards the bottom in the section Calendar Address
there will be a Calendar ID - copy ​it.

Now, when you create an event there is 
​a box where you could add a guest. If you paste the calendar ID 
into here it will create and sync the event to that calendar.

But, since this would be a pain to do every time
​ you made a new event and the long calendar ID 
doesn't tell you anything about which calendar you're selecting 
a better way is to first add it to your Google Contacts. ​

Here's how: 
​Go to your Google Contacts by clicking on the Mail button in the top left corner and choosing Contacts from the drop down menu. 

Select New Contact on the left side. 

In the contact's name put the name of the target calendar
{be sure to include Calendar in the name}
For the contacts main email paste in the Calendar ID. 

​Now you can create an event and use the add guest feature
​ to add the calendar. 
To do so, create the event and just​ start typing the name of your target calendar 
and as long as you've added the calender's name and ID to your contacts
and refreshed, it will automatically pop-up as an option.
How cool is that?

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  1. You can also make a group out of the contacts if you have multiple calendars and then invite that group of contacts...even cooler! Thanks for the suggestion...just saved me entering each calendar for MCAS testing


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