Monday, March 9, 2015

Rube Goldberg

When I taught gifted and talented my kids LOVED Rube Goldberg. 

If you don't know about Rube, you can find more about him
Rube Goldberg is best known for his drawings of complicated 
machines designed to complete simple tasks. 
 Many know he was a cartoonist but did you know 
that he was also an inventor & an engineer? 
He won a Pulitzer Prize for his political cartoons as well.

I came across this super neat app today that I think kids would LOVE.
It's a physical puzzle game that reminds me of Rube Goldberg.  
 It's called Amazing Alex and is from the maker of Angry Birds. 

 Alex creates chain reactions to get tasks done. There are 100 different levels and one of my favorite details is that you can create your OWN levels- using 35 different interactive objects.
 How cool is that? 

You can download the  app here:
Free version
Paid version

Here are some other great Rube Goldberg sites for your students:

Goldburger To Go!

A Rube Goldberg Burglar Catcher activty

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