Thursday, February 19, 2015

Wordsmyth Kids Wild Online Dictionary

There are lots of great online dictionaries for kids 
but I came across an illustrated one today that is super cute- 
Here's what the Wild users' guide says: 

WordsmythKids is an interactive multimedia environment for learning about words and the world. They’ve combined a content-rich beginner dictionary with a navigable visual world, complete with stories, games, and activities, creating an immersive learning environment that can be a constant companion to a child’s elementary education. Wordsmyth Illustrated Learner's Dictionary (WILD) is aimed at grades kindergarten through second grade.

There are three different, interrelated sections for exploring WILD.
A child can explore WILD visually in the component called “World,” topically and thematically in the component called “Collections,” and textually in the component called “Book.”

The World is built upon the concept of a picture dictionary, but unlike picture dictionaries found in print, it functions as an interactive world as opposed to a series of static images. When you first arrive in the World, you can choose between entering the City, which includes locations commonly associated with population centers such as home, school, grocery store, library, and bank; or entering Nature, which includes a variety of natural and rural settings such as forest, seashore, and desert.
For each item you can see the object’s label, and you will have the option to click a link to hear the word pronounced or to go to the word’s dictionary entry.

Collections provide a means of exploring the dictionary through clusters of related words. Here you can find clusters of words that are thematically related, such as those relating to “birds” or “the body,” as well as clusters of words sharing some linguistic or grammatical features, such as “prepositions of motion” or “prepositions of location.” An intuitive visual table of contents makes it fun and easy to browse through the collections and discover the world of knowledge contained within it.

The Dictionary Book component of WILD allows you to access and explore dictionary entries in an interactive e-book format. Concise versions of dictionary entries are displayed as if on pages of a print dictionary, and clicking on any word will open up a word’s full-expanded entry, complete with audio, images, example sentences, and multiple definitions where relevant. 4 Unlike standard online dictionaries which present each entry in isolation, this format allows you to browse entries alphabetically before and after the word you have looked up, and to treat the dictionary as a reading experience. Features such as the alphabetical thumb index and guidewords at the top of the page can help introduce conventional dictionary skills that can be applied to print dictionaries that a child may use in the classroom or at home. 

There are even some super fun activities included in Wild. 
Activities can be activated by selecting the kite icon at the bottom of the screen. Wherever the user is in WILD when the activity is launched is where the activity will be played. If you want to play any of the activities using your own word lists, go to the saved tab on the left hand bar, select the word list and then click the kite icon there.

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