Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Patterns Galore!

Want to teach your youngster about patterns and sequencing? 
Although making patterns using real objects is fun, so is creating them online. 
Below are some of my favorite pattern creators and games- 
from simple shape and color patterns to complex number patterns! 

Class Pirate Pattern Game {great for whole class}

Objective: The player has to create patterns using the objects in the bookshelf. The patterns can be made any where in the room.There are lots of different ways the player can do this, over and over again. Working in pairs or with a carer or teacher children can describe the patterns according to a variety of characteristics.

Toy Theater has some great online pattern activities including: 

This Bedford Bytes Making Patterns page is a great one for Kindergarten and 1st grade students working on mastering patterns. Students simply touch and drag images from nature to create their own patterns. Once simple patterns have been mastered, the pictures can be flipped and rotated to make the activity more challenging. Once completed, the patterns can also be printed. 

People Patterns- beginning, intermediate, and advanced options.

Here are some great activities from the NGTL website:
Simple Patterns

Patterns And More Patterns

Sparklebox has some a ton of great printables that you can use for patterning in your classroom here.

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