Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Keyword Jumble from TeacherLED

TeacherLED has some awesome interactive math whiteboard activities
{I love their whiteboard buzzers}
but I think their Keyword Jumble is one of my favorites because it can be used
 in a variety of ways and with any content area! 

Originally created for math, when you click Generate Keyword, it produces a scrambled math keyword for the students to solve by dragging the letter tiles into the correct order. 
But even better, you can enter a word for the computer to scramble and present 
by clicking on the Enter Keyword button. 

Clicking on the Solve Anagram button causes the tiles
 to arrange themselves in the correct order. 

This would be great to use as starter to a lesson, to fill some time for the early arrivals while waiting for the rest of the students to arrive, as a review for spelling 
or vocabulary words, or as a center or station.

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