Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Literacy Center Rocks!

Literacy Center is an amazing FREE website that was originally created
 by the US Department of Education.  

It's a site created to help preschool aged children and is fabulous for 
Dual Language Learners and English Language Learners. 

It includes tons of free education games, activities, and learning tools!
It's comprised of two different portions, 
Play and Learn Games & Print and Practice Games-
all in English, Spanish, French, or German. 

When you click on the Play and Learn games, you are given 8 or 9 different choices. 

Clicking on any of the images opens the game full screen in a new window. 
Across the top are numbers and each number is a different activity. 
The higher the number, the more difficult the activity.

Such a great FREE resource! 

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