Monday, January 26, 2015

Did you know? Publish a Google Doc as a Webpage

Did you know.....
that you could publish a Google Doc or Spreadsheet as a webpage? 
You can! And it only takes two simple steps!

This is awesome if you don't want readers to have to navigate 
to Google Docs, you don't want them distracted by the editing toolbars,
 or if they don't have a Google account.  
{Of course I think it's CRAY CRAY not to have a Google account, because Google rocks!} 

Here's how:
While in your Google Doc, choose Publish to the Web from the File drop down menu.  

A popup window will appear, click on Publish and you are done! 

{NOTE: The default is to automatically republish when changes are made. If you want to change this, click the Published content and settings link at the bottom of the window and uncheck the box that is checked.}

As soon as you click Publish, you'll be given a URL to the published page. 
{If you need an embed code, click the word Embed.}
Just copy and paste it to send to someone. Easy peasy!

Here's what the a spreadsheet I made looks like as a Google Doc: 

And here's what it looks like as a published webpage: 

A great way to share info with folks in a quick and easy manner!  

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