Friday, December 12, 2014

HO HO HO Christmas FUN!

Christmas Games: 

A Blocky Christmas- Grades 4 & 5

Santa's Village has a new game to play every day!

Factory Balls- Christmas Edition is a fun site where you try to create the patterns and colors of the ball on the tree! It sounds much easier than it is!

Sugar, Sugar is a fun game that challenges you to click and drag to draw lines before 
sugar starts to pour. Get sugar to the cups.

Civiballs Christmas Pack is a another fun game. Click to cut a chain and release a ball. 
Move all colored balls to their matching goals.

The Christmas Tree Puzzle is a fabulous online site for problem solving and critical thinking. The goal is to light up the Christmas tree by connecting all the wires to the light source. It's lots of fun but it is definitely a challenge that requires lots of problem solving.

The Christmas Tree Maze is another fun tree puzzle. To complete this task, you must drag the bar of lights at the bottom of the tree along the maze of white wires until one of the end bulbs lights up the star at the top. Any move is legal, as long as all three bulbs stay in contact with the white wires at all times.

Santa's Sleigh is a fun and challenging game. The object is to put sleighs so that each Santa has one sleigh & each sleigh only belongs to one Santa. It's fun & much harder than it sounds!

Christmas Memory is a game is a basic concentration game with a twist.
If you aren't fast enough, the rows move and you are timed. 
It has levels that range from EASY to VERY HARD.

On the site Santa Claus's Trip, students view a map of the world, are shown the route that Santa will take to deliver toys, and then they have to touch the countries to recreate his route. When the correct country is touched students even magically travel to that country to see the gifts delivered. What a great way to review the world map and have fun all at the same time!

Holiday Practice is a fun game of multiplication practice. For each multiplication question you answer correctly, your gingerbread house gets a new decoration. There are three levels of multiplication to practice: 0-3, 0-6, or 0-9. At the end of the game, if you've done well, you get to decorate your very own gingerbread house. What a fun way to practice multiplication facts during the holiday season!

Christmas Lights: Math Fact Fun is a a fun fact game that allows students to put up Christmas lights after practicing math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division facts) for one minute. Students will want to work quickly because the more math problems you solve correctly, the more lights you will be given to decorate your house!

Christmas Lights: This game is the same as the Christmas Lights: Math Fun Facts game but without the math facts. A great and fun game for younger students who need to practice their mouse skills! The lights in both games are animated and look beautiful with the overhead lights turned off. Both of these games would be wonderful to use as a whole class on your Smart Board or individually with students at their own computers.

Christmas History: 
The History Channel has a fabulous website full of information on Christmas.
It is a truly awesome site that includes videos, traditions, games and much more! There are videos on The History of Christmas, Christmas Trees, The Evolution of Santa Claus, as well as several on Hanukkah and Kwanza.

Christmas in Colonial Williamsburg is an absolutely wonderful site full of information about Christmas during the 1700's.

The site includes slideshows, songs, videos, podcasts, recipes, downloads, journal articles, music, games, timelines, electronic fieldtrips, and interactive activities. It's a great place for students to experience how settlers celebrated Christmas. It also includes sixteen interdisciplinary lesson plans that truly capture the essence of Colonial Williamsburg. As an extra bonus, the background research for the plans are hotlinked into each lesson. These lessons make it easy to plan an entire unit on life in Williamsburg, from mathematics to a colonial Christmas.

Rudolph Fun: 
There are many online sites where students can listen to Christmas stories. This is one of my favorites because it gives visitors the option to read the story themselves or have it read to you. The Reindeer Barn is a part of the site. Raymond is a reindeer that lives in the reindeer barn with all the other reindeer and hopes to be the newest member of Santa’s reindeer team. Students find the places in the barn that take them to Raymond’s stories about his adventures.

Sparklebox has some great reindeer printables including these reindeer with numbers 1-50 on them

and these fun masks! 

Santa's Official Reindeer Cam is such a neat way for kids to see what an actual reindeer looks like! If you look in the top right corner you can even see a digital Nice List in the top right corner. To get your student's names on the list or to find out when Santa feeds the reindeer click here. 

This is one of the cutest sites out there to use during the Christmas season!
The Rain Deer Orchestra is a site where students touch the nose (or type the number on their shirt) of a reindeer to play different musical notes. There are three song choices to choose from- Jingle Bells, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, and Deck the Halls- or you can free play and play and make up your own song. This is a fabulous site to use with students on your Smart Board-with a different student in charge of a different number or one student in charge of the entire orchestra. Students could also do this at individual student computers-which would be a fabulous way to practice number recognition and mouse skills.

Here's a great reindeer brainteaser! Can you put the reindeer in order? 

Where's Rudolph? and Christmas will be ruined if he isn't found! Click on the
picture to find the hidden reindeer. Rudolph hides in a different place in every new game! 

Reindeer Cafe is a great game for practicing addition facts!

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