Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What the heck should I write about? -Part 2

Earlier this year I wrote a post titled What the heck should I write about? 
that listed lots of online sites and iPad/iPhone apps to help students 
gather ideas and get started writing! 

Since then I've found several other great sites so I decided it was time for Part 2! 

Online Story Writers: 
Story Strips is a fun site that allows kids to pick a situation for their story. 

Once the student selects a situation, a comic strip pops up. 
The student can click on hair, eyes, mouth, and the empty word balloons to create their own story! 

The Sisters Grimm Fairy-Tale Regurgitator is a fun  way to write a fairy-tale!

As questions are answered, the wand will fill up. When it's full, the story is ready!

Storyboard Generator allows you to choose between horror, comedy or romance. 
Once you choose your avatar and type of genre, you see the script outline
 and can then build a storyboard.  There's even a video to help you!

In Story Plant, you grow your own story from the story plant. 
There's a guide to help you through the steps in planning and writing the story. 
When the plant has stopped growing, you can listen to it read and print it out!

There's even a big screen version if you'd like to model this game whole class!

Characters from BGFL is such a fun interactive way for students 
to work on character descriptions. 

Just click on the various parts of the character to change them. 
Then write a description on the little notebook on the left side. 

Writing Topic Generators: 
While originally created for bloggers, this Random Topic Generator i
s great to use with students struggling to decide what to write about. 
You simply choose from one of the following categories: 
Opinion, Health, Religion, Science, Art, World, Music, Business, 
Personal, Technology, People or Recreation
and click the Generate another topic button
and a topic is generated for you. 
Don't like it? Simply click the button again. 

The Writing Exercises websites has lots of great tools for writers!
A few of my favorites are...

The Plot Generator is a little different because it allows you to choose from drop down 
menus for things like title, opening, conflict, resolution, etc.  
It kind of reminds me of a mad lib but with options!

Short Story Ideas has a bunch of generators: 

Story Prompts:
Meddybemps has some fun Illustrated Story Starters for kids. 

 Here's a sample of one: 

Creative Writing Prompts has over 300 different prompts! 


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