Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Help Me, Help You!

Part of my job involves helping the staff in our school district use technology.  
Of course those folks have a wide range of technology knowledge and ability. 

At work I can remote into someone's computer to look 
and see what the problem they are having might be. 
But when I'm at home I can't and I often get emails from people asking for help. 

Sometimes I need to know what browser and version of that browser they are using. 
Many people I can just ask and they will find that information and tell me. 
But then there are others that are not certain what a browser even is 
{Those are the ones you tell, click on the beach ball icon on your desktop}
and trying to get them to navigate to a browser 
and then to where they can find the version is a mighty and exhausting task. 

So when I stumbled upon this great tool from Google, 
http://whatbrowser.org/ , I knew it would be a life saver! 

When someone goes to whatbrowser.org it immediately displays 
what browser you are using and the version.  

At the bottom of the page it even tells you what a browser is! 

There are links at the top for all of the other browsers. 

Super cool and a super easy way to find out what browser someone is using!  

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