Thursday, October 9, 2014

Halloween Fun

Halloween will be here before you know it!  
Below are some fun Halloween activities for your students to do-
that are educational and fun!

Halloween FREE APPS

Halloween PAID APPS

Halloween Games: 

Here is a fun Halloween dress up site.

This site has sound that might drive you crazy so you might want to turn it off!

Garfield's Scavenger Hunt is another fun game for students to play.

This Pumpkin Patch is great for counting and sorting different kinds and colors of pumpkins.

This Pick a Pumpkin activity from Star Fall is fabulous for little ones.

Spelloween is a fun site for practicing spelling words in a timed game. 
Be prepared though, some of the graphics and sounds are a bit creepy!

Trick or Treat Route is a fun game where you click the houses
in sequence to choose the shortest route.

Candy Corn Math is a fun site where students must match addition problems.

Max's Math Adventure- The Tooth- is a fun math Halloween activity.
Be sure to check out the activity page at the bottom as well as they extra challenges.

Ghost Blasters is a fun math game for students who need to work on multiples.

There are lots of other versions of the Ghost Blasters game:

Halloween Printables: 
Sparklebox has some great Halloween printables that can be found HERE inlcuding: 

Halloween Stories & Videos: 
It's Halloween is an interactive Halloween story complete with audio and music.

Here is a fun interactive Halloween story.

{playlist with entire show}

Online Jack-O-Lantern Decorating: 

And here is one more online pumpkin carving site, 
but this one allows you to animate your pumpkin!

Pinterest Halloween Ideas can be found HERE

You can access all the Halloween Fun HERE

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