Monday, September 29, 2014

MORE Google Forms UPDATES!

As if the AWESOME updates to Google Forms earlier this month 
weren't enough
{You can read all about them HERE!}
now they've come up with even more! 

Shuffle Question Order:
At the top of your form, under Form Settings is now a new box 
that you can check to have the questions shuffled! 
If enabled, the question order within each page will shuffle randomly. 
Images and videos in your form will also be shuffled along with the questions.

How great would this be for those giving quizzes or tests with a Google Form? 

Only Allow One Response Per question: 
At the top of your form, under Form Settings is another new box 
that allows you to limit one response per person. 
If you check this, respondents MUST have a Google account. 

Limit to One Response per Column for Grid-Style Questions: 
When using a Grid question, you can now limit to one response per column. 
To do so, click on the Advanced settings for the option to appear. 

Short URL for sending Your Form:
When you the send form button now, there's a little box to check
that will make your URL cute and short! 

Way to go Google! 

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