Wednesday, September 3, 2014


I love all things Google and use Google forms all the time. 
They are so easy to make and share and such a fast,
easy way to collect information from people. 

The one thing I did NOT love about Google forms was the super limited amount of themes
and in inability to customize a form. 
The themes they had were super simple and plain and downright boring. 
I have thought so many times- why don't they make them more customizable?
Well yesterday they did and I AM SO STINKIN' EXCITED!

When you create a new form now, you'll see a button at the top labeled Change Theme

Clicking on that button opens a pane on the right side of your screen. 

You can scroll down the list to see the 24 new themes (some ARE cute!)

or click on Customize to create you own! 

From there, you can choose from some of the many images they now have or 
add your own photos or logos to the header, 
customize fonts and colors, pick a background, and more.
I love that you can even change the font size for questions or answers 
and import your own header and background.  
Way to go Google!  

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