Monday, July 21, 2014

Because sometimes, you just need to PLAY: Build with Chrome

Today has been one of those days at work where I had a headache by 8:30am, 
absolutely nothing seemed to work the way it should, 
a HUGE project that should have been done last week is
still not even close to being completed, 
and the person I need to fix the issues with the project
{who works for another company} 
is as slow as MOLASSES in responding.  
I may have said once {or more than once} that I felt I was 
growing another brain tumor as a result of the insanity of the day.  

I decided that I needed a brain break before I went stark raving insane 
and so I starting working on preparing for a workshop that I will be teaching in August.  
It's part two of  a Google workshop that I am super excited to teach.  
Part of the workshop includes a bunch of different Google/Chrome 
products that teachers might not know about.

I had been keeping a list but hadn't taken the time to really 
dig into the different sites until today and I was so glad that I did.  
I'll embed the list of all the resources I plan to share at the bottom of the page 
but have to show you my absolute favorite!   

It's called Build with Chrome, is a virtual LEGO builder
and is so stinkin' fun!

Build with Chrome is a partnership between Google Chrome and LEGO 
and allows you to build LEGO creations online!  

You can choose the type and color of LEGO block you want to use
 and can even build in a specific place!
If you log in with your Google+ account you can even see where those near you have built!

There is even a Build Academy where you can train to become a Master Builder!

And best of all? 
No LEGO pieces to step on the floor!

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