Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Noun Project

I love icons because they can cross any language barrier
and people typically understand pretty quickly what is meant each one.  

The Noun Project is an amazing source of icons- many of which are free!
When I am looking for an icon to use it is absolutely my first stop.

The premise is simple.  
Contributors upload thousands {over 30,000} of symbols for you to use. 
You search for them and download them- 
either for free with the promise to give credit to the creator, or for a small fee.  
They literally have an icon for everything. 

The Noun Project started as a Kickstarter Campaign with a goal of $1,500. 
The goal was to open it up to public submission, add a search bar, 
and make it more organized.  
It beat that goal by 1,000% and has now grown into a visual dictionary that
 has had over 10 million downloads. 

Many of the icons that cost {typically about $1 per license} 
but that's only if don't want to attribute the artist.  
Free with attribution is a great option and one I often use! 

So if for example I need a pig icon, 
I simply type in pig in the search box and a page of little piggies appears. 

You simply click on the icon you like and it opens full page. 
You do need an account to download but it can be a free account version. 

If you have the free account, you'll see a button in the top right corner that says Upgrade. 
To download and attribute the artist, you simply 
click on the words underneath the image. 

If the image is a public image, the button in the top right corner will be labeled Download

Such a great resource!  I heart the Noun Project!  

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  1. Do they allow use in commercial products, like TpT items?


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