Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Student Selector & Grouping Tools

When I first started teaching 20 something years ago I always had a coffee 
can full of Popsicle sticks with my students name on them sitting on my desk. 

When I needed to ask a question, I pulled a stick from 
the can to randomly choose a student.  
My old coffee can is now long gone and instead there are tons
 of great options for selecting students online! 
They are super easy to use and so much fun- for both you and for your students

I used these in my classroom 
and also when I'm training teachers. 
Keep in mind that these tools don't have to be limited to names 
and that you can enter lists of numbers, vocabulary words, 
research paper topics, characters in a story-basically anything you can create a list of. 
The possibilities are endless!

The Random Name Selector by John McLear is my absolute favorite!
The Random Name Selector allows you to randomly pick 
names from a list you've created.
Once you have entered your student's names and clicked the Go button, 
a name is selected, you are given several choices. 
You can start a timer from 1-7 seconds.
You also have the option of removing the name from your list. 
It has fun animation, sound effects, and a large fun font
so it's perfect for displaying on your SmartBoard. 

John has even allowed an option for embedding the tool in a webpage- 
provided he is given credit! Thank you John! 

To use the interactive, just click on Change Names, and type
 in your names, numbers, or words. Then click Go! 

Random Student Generator is another free way to select students in your class. 
Simply type in the names of your students and click Save
Clicking on the Save button at the top of the list of names saves them 
to a cookie on the computer you are working on.  
The names will then be available for the next 365 days you visit the site. 
You then click the Shuffle the names button and it selects one of your students. 

Wheel Decide is an online spinner. 
You simply click on Make/Modify Wheel to enter the names 
or words (up to 100) you would like to appear. 
Then just click to spin the wheel!
There is even an option to allow you to embed the wheel on your website!

all sorts of options for choosing students.  
You simply create a free account, enter your class names
 (you can even import a class), and save it. 
You then have the option of using your class with a 
random name generator, a group creator, and a seating chart maker. 

The Random Name Generator will randomly draw a name from your class. 
The choice are random and will never come up in the same order twice!
You can include up to 100 students per group, it's iPad friendly, 
and is FREE!

The Seating Chart Maker allows you to arrange your students for a simple seating chart. 
You can even upload pics of your students which would be great for a substitute! 
It's a simple drag and drop interface that will even work on your iPad! 
You can add up to 100 students per group and it is also FREE!

The Group Maker Tool allows you to make 2-10 groups of  your students with the click of a button! The groups are random and can be shuffled over and over as needed!
You can add up to 100 students per group, use it on your iPad, and it's FREE!

The Random Name Picker from is a 
neat spinner that allows you to choose a student or word in a fun way!
Just click the Edit/Save button to enter your students (or paste from a list)
Click to spin and choose a student.  
Once a student is chosen, you have the ability to remove them from the wheel. 

The Random Name/Word Picker from 
is a fun way to choose a student or word. 
Just type in your students names (or copy and paste from another document), 
choose either the typewriter option or fruit machine, 
and your random name/word is displayed!

If you know of any other online student selector tools 
please post them as a comment and I'll check them out!

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