Monday, March 31, 2014

Easter Apps & Sites & Games, Oh MY!

There are so many fun Easter apps and sites and educational games 
to use with your students in the weeks leading up to Easter! 

Listed below are some of my favorites. 
Be sure to check out the Virtual Easter Egg Hunts-
they are a fantastic idea for those times when 
the weather is bad but you want to hunt for Easter eggs!

You can find all of these resources on my Easter Fun webpage HERE. 

Free Apps

A fun coloring book app!

An app that allows you to import an image and place a bunny mask
over it to create a new image!

A fun Easter coloring app for little ones!

Paid Apps
A super fun 3d Easter egg painting app

A fun app that allows you to create your very own Stuffy Bunny!

Designed especially for toddlers and preschoolers, the app features 14 fully interactive scenes your kids can tap, swipe, and explore. 

And now, for a limited time only, kids can go on an egg hunt on every page. Find the hidden egg and watch for a special surprise from Bunny!

A fun Easter coloring app

Easter Egg Decorating
{I had trouble with this site in Chrome but it worked great in IE}

There are two steps in this game. 
First you need to remember how each egg is decorated. 
Then you need to reproduce the same color scheme on the egg. 
Make it fast to get more points!

Easter Stories

After reading the above story, Match the Words with Pictures activity

Easter Games

The Egg Game is a challenging game which 
even allows you to customize your own egg! 

Chateau Meddybemps has lots of really cute and really fun Easter activities

Wonderful printables from Sparklebox can be found here
including coloring sheets, visual aids, banners, alphabet egg cards, 
dominoes, bookmarks, masks, and so much more!

Easter Printables from ABCTeach here
including coloring pages, puzzles, craft projects, and more!

Lots of Easter Math Worksheets can be found HERE

Two printable activities from Laura Candler:

Easter Egg Virtual Hunts
Two virtual Easter egg hunts can be found here
and here.

People placed eggs in their yard and then took a picture of the yard. 
So instead of going outside you can hunt eggs with your students from your classroom-zooming in and panning out as needed. How neat is that?

Easter Smart Notebook files can be found HERE. 

Teachers Pay Teachers Easter Freebies can be found HERE. 

Easter for Kids ideas can be found on Pinterest HERE. 

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