Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Stories on Stix

Stories on Stix is a super fun app that is 
great for helping kids think of creative writing topics!
I learned about this app at TCEA and although it isn't free
{it's currently $1.99} I really like it and think it's worth the price! 

The app randomly selects 5 elements of a story: 
who, what, when, where, and a details. 
Students then must write a story using all of the elements.  
Once completed the stories can be shared via email. 

Here's how the app works: 

Open the app and click New Story in the top right corner. 
The five blank sticks will appear. 

Tap on Choose Sticks in the top right corner to generate the 5 elements. 
If you don't like the 5 elements, click Choose Sticks again to get another set. 

Once you have the elements you want to use, 
click the Start Writing button in the top right corner. 
A writing page will appear with the sticks over on the left side. 

Tap the title to edit it and then tap on the first line and begin writing. 

Once the story is completed, click the Share Story button in the 
top right corner to send via email or 
take a screen shot to save the image of the work
{by holding the home button and on/off button at the same time}. 

All stories you create will be shown on the 
home screen of the app each time you open it. 
You can even click the tiny colored notebook on the 
bottom left to change the color of a storybook. 

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