Thursday, February 27, 2014

Easiest Flashcard Maker EVER

My daughter who is a senior in high school 
{Wah! This mama is so NOT ready for her graduate!}
is a HUGE flashcard maker. 
For just about every test she makes a big old stack of 3 x 5 flashcards. 

When I came across this super simple way to make flashcards online 
I was thrilled because it's a great tool for teachers 
AND it meant the end of my index card buying days! is truly the easiest way to make online flashcards that I've ever seen. 

Here's how: 

2. Make a copy of the provided Google Spreadsheet. Rename it if you'd like.  

3. Enter your own questions and answers. {Words/definitions, math problems/answers, etc}

4. Publish the spreadsheet and get the link
Go to File, Publish to Web, and then Start Publishing. 

Copy the link provided. 
5. Go back to and under Step 3 paste in the link you copied and click GO. 

Voila! Your flashcard set has been created! 

To share the cards with others, click the Share button at the bottom. 
You'll get a URL and even a QR code! 

How easy and cool is that? 

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