Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Animal Habitats

There are some absolutely amazing sites out there for kids to
 learn about animal habitats. 

Here are a few of my favorites: 

Switch Zoo is my absolute favorite! 
Build an Online Habitat is where students choose animals and 
match them to the correct environment by changing weather, 
vegetation, animal & biome. 

Animal Homes is a great site for little ones to begin learning 
about different animal habitats. 

Draw that Habitat from PBS is a super cute site! 
A student chooses an animal, is given some information to read about
 the animal, and then draws the habitat for it. 
Once their drawing is completed they can save or print it.

National Geographic has a fun activity called Creature Feature. 
Students select a wildlife or habitat category button and only
the animals that match what you have selected will be shown. 

Plant and Animal Habitats from the BBC is another great habitat game
where students have to put aliens in their correct habitat after being given
clues about the creature and their habitat. 

Wanted: New Home for Frog! is a great activity from EcoKids 
where students can help a frog find a new habitat. 

Every Living Thing Has a Home from e-Learning for Kids is
 another good interactive for kids.

The Crittercam from National Geographic is a great way for students to explore 
the deep sea habitat as they attempt to find nine different animals. 

Students can design a habitat for a ferret in the
  Design a Habitat site from ARKive.

In Who Lives Here students match cards to see which 
animals and plants live around a specific kind of tree.

The Magic School Bus has a fun habitat matching game 

Mr. Nussbaum has a Habitat Maker game that allows
students to take quizzes on animals and vegetation. 

A Walk in the Forest is a great site to help kids learn 
about the different layers of a habitat. 


  1. Thanks for all these great sites and resources! They will be great when we do organisms in May!

    :) Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies


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