Thursday, February 28, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Fun

St. Patrick's Day Games & Activities

Find a Four Leaf Clover interactive story by Starfall

St. Patrick's Journey- An interactive story that shares the history of St. Patrick's journey through Ireland. This is a fabulous story and students are given the opportunity to download images from the story so that they can create their own presentation of the story. 

{Mad Lib type activity!}

St. Patty's Day MahJong- The idea of the game is to remove pair of matching tiles from the screen and eventually remove all the tiles. Tiles are only available if not covered by another tile and their is space on either the left or right side of the title. 
Tiles match only if they have the EXACT same design.

Polygone- Look for different sized shamrocks that have 
been shifted out of position. Use your mouse to click on them 
and they will shift back into position. 

Lucky Clover- Find all 10 four leaf clovers as quickly as possible!

{similar to Whack-a-Mole}

Green Leprechauns- Put leprechauns in the area to turn everything green. A leprechaun will turn all the blocks it sees green. It can see blocks on the same row or column but can not see through shamrocks. Two leprechauns must not see each other. If a shamrock has a number, then the number of leprechauns put beside that shamrock must match that number. 

Spot the Differences- Find all 7 differences before time runs out!

Spot the Difference- Find all 7 difference before time runs out!

St. Patrick's Day Printables

From ABC Teach printables including comprehension stories, coloring pages, grid coloring, did you know pages, rebus, shape books, writing paper and much more!

St. Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt from Education World

St. Patrick's Day Apps
Free Apps
20 original coloring pages that will inspire and spark the imagination of St Patrick's Day. Kids will enjoy coloring and later taking their painting and having it scrambled up in a joyful slider puzzle game. Kids can also customize their drawings with a frame and autograph, which can be saved in the Photo Library!

Add St. Patrick's Day Photo Effects on your photo! Send your work to your friends!

Paid Apps
The goal of the game is simple, just tap into the clovers that appear in the screen to convert them into gold coins. Collect 1000 gold coins to win the pot o' gold. Sounds easy? A leprechaun might be hidden in one of the clovers looking after his gold, if you find over.

Have fun this st patricks day with your very own talking leprechaun. It repeats back what you say, 
It dances and it says a few funny catchphrases.

Now you have caught Paddy the Leprechaun, can you get his gold? Flick him at the pot of gold, land him in and you will win. Paddy will take you around Ireland where he has his pots of gold hidden. How much of his gold can you get? However, leprechauns can be tricky, so he might make it hard for you to win. Don't be alarmed when he tells you what he thinks about how you are playing the game.

Use photos from your camera, your photo album, or even your Facebook account to create a classic St. Patty's Day card to show how the party went down with you and all you friends.

St. Patrick's Day Videos has some great short videos about St. Patrick's Day
like this one about Shamrocks

this one about Leprechauns

this one about the History of St. Patrick's Day
{be warned this one does mention drinking beer on St. Patrick's Day}

and this one about why we celebrate with GREEN!

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