Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Resources

I've had some teachers ask me for some last minute presidential election resources so 
here are a few of my favorites!

BrainPOP has lots of great presidential election activities, movies, 
quizzes and more that are all free right now! 

The PBS Democracy Project is full of great activities, posters, and information.
 This site is fabulous for little ones!

Rand McNally's Play the Election is one of the best election sites I've ever seen. 
It's a collaborative, interactive teaching tool for grades 7-12. 
The lessons are standards-aligned and the 
game-based learning increases student engagement. 
There is real-time election data and news as well! 

A great list of books about the election can be found here. 

You can find a great info graphic poster here that shows 
How to Become President of the US.

ISIDEWITH is a site that allows you to take the presidential election quiz
 and see which candidate you side with. 

USA Today's Candidate Match game also allows you to take a quiz on key issues 
and learn about the candidates positions on the issues. 

The New York Times has a great Presidential Election Unit. 

TIME magazine has a great photo essay of The Voting Machines of America. 


  1. Wow, this is great! Thank you so much!

  2. This is an amazing list. Thanks for sharing and I just pinned it.

  3. This is great! Thanks so much. I just started following you. Looking forward to learning more about technology resources.


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