Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fridge Word Magnets

Using alphabet magnets has always been a fun way to practice spelling!
Who doesn't remember spelling out their name on the fridge as a little kid?

Now instead of just letters magnets there are fridge word magnets where kids can 
create sentences and poems instead of just spelling words. 

Even if you don't have enough real word magnets for
 all of your students to share, luckily there are tons of online versions 
as well as many great apps for the iPad.

Fridge Magnets has four different sets

Magnetic Poetry has lots of fabulous online kits!
All have the ability to add more words, start over, save, and share your poems!

These two are specifically for kids:

And then these six:

Twitter Magnets was created to let people make a poem and 
post it to their twitter account. 

Word Mover by Read, Write, Think allows you to add your own words & print!

And here are three great FREE apps to use on your iPad:


  1. THANK you so much for your posts! Every time I find something for my 5th graders. I love word study so this was a super fun post!!

  2. Too bad the ipad ones are rated for 12 yrs and older!

    1. I agree Kim but I put all of them on my iPad and didn't see anything inappropriate. With good monitoring I think they would be fine!

  3. good! I will try them then! We have an ipad lab for grades BK-4 so I don't want anything inappropriate! Thanks!


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