Thursday, September 20, 2012

Before You FB, Instagram, Text, Tweet or Blog: THINK

Earlier this year I created a version of the
Before You Speak: THINK poster for teens 
as a reminder to stop and think before posting something on 
Twitter, FB, via text, or blogging. 

With the recent popularity of Instagram 
{which I big puffy heart love!}
 I decided it was time to update it!

Before You Fb Txt Tw or Blog2

I also made them into a page of bookmarks so
you can easily share them with your students!


  1. These are great! Thank you!

  2. Having 2 and knowing so many teenagers I think I might give these out with their "Trick or Treats" My kids don't have accts YET (I'm sure it will come, but thankfully haven't encountered that yet), but SO many do and they DO NOT THINK! Thanks for creating these.

  3. Awesome idea!!! Using...thanks. :)

  4. These are amazing. I love your posters so much!

  5. These are great!!


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