Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Smart Notebook Express

We are blessed in our district to have a Smartboard in every classroom.

Sometimes however if a teacher has a fabulous Smart Notebook lesson 
and a student is absent it's super frustrating because there is no way
 for that student to view the file at home. 

Well lucky for us Smart has come up with Smart Notebook Express!  

SmartNotebook Express is a lightweight version of Smart Notebook software
 that is accessible online anytime at no charge! 
With the Smart Notebook Express web application, you don’t need
 to login and there’s no software to download. 
All you need is internet access! 

With Smart Notebook Express you can share your interactive lesson material with anyone- even with other teachers who don’t have a Smart Board or Smart Notebook software. You can also use Smart Notebook Express to share files with your students to help them complete homework or catch up after missed classes. 

Since the application is available online, both students and parents can view Smart Notebook files from anywhere, no matter what operating system they use. 

You can open any Smart Notebook file and interact with the content by writing notes 
in digital ink, editing text, opening website links and viewing multimedia files. 
 Smart Notebook Express makes it easy for anyone to experience 
the benefits of interactive teaching and learning. 

To learn more about using Smart Notebook Express just watch the video below.


  1. Thanks for posting about this!
    In my building, each classroom has a SMARTboard, and I think this will be handy for my fellow teachers.


    1. They are also about to come out with an app so that kids can view and interact Smart Notebook files on the iPad!

  2. A very timely post for me...I just got a SMARTboard installed in my room WITH the Notebook Express software (which I didn't know could be shared online). This will be very handy! :)


    Classroom Capers


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