Thursday, June 21, 2012

What do you love?

Google is truly an amazing company and seems to come up
 with cool new products almost daily!
A new Google interface, called "What Do You Love?" brings together previews 
of various specialized Google searches all in one place.

Just go to What do you Love, type in something that you love—
monkeys, Sonic drive in, polka dots, Diet Coke—and you'll find tons of results! 
Everything from where to find it, how to say it in other languages, 
videos to watch about it, where to find books and blogs about it, 
see pictures of it, and much, much more! 

This would be great to use with students when doing research! 
What a great way to find information quickly and easily in a fun format! 


  1. I just typed 'kitties' and I am crying at all of the cute little fur babies I'm seeing. Thanks for sharing. This is cool!

  2. Okay, this blog is amazing. I just recently jumped into the world of teacher's blogs and I absolutely love this blog. I was just notified yesterday that a grant I wrote for an iPad in the classroom was accepted. Perhaps you already have a post about this and I just need to be directed to it. However, if not, do you have any ideas on neat iPad apps that would be good for classroom use? Thanks so much!


    1. Hi Ashley! How exciting about getting a grant for an ipad! I've done a few posts on apps but am working on a big database for our school district. As soon as I get it done I will post a link to it here. And you can also check out my apps board on Pinterest here:

  3. Thanks for explaining! I'd heard about this but hadn't taken the time to figure it out yet. How awesome this will be for my young readers who want to know more than what the books can tell them! I'm glad to have stumbled onto your blog!

  4. I searched for "golden doodles" and just spent 30 minutes watching dog videos on YouTube! :) Thanks for the tip!

    EduKate and Inspire

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