Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tick Tock- TIME!

Learning to tell time seems to be really difficult for some kiddos. 
Thankfully there are lots of fabulous online resources to help 
them as they practice to master the concept of time.  
Below are a few of my favorites! 

Bang on Time is a fast-paced FUN game that has students read the time in words and then stop the clock when the hands are in the matching position. As you get better at the game, you can increase the speed of the hands for an additional challenge. 

Stop the Clock is similar to the Bang the Clock game but in this game students must drag the five digital times to the correct analog clock then press STOP THE CLOCK to record your time. 

Clockwise is a game where you click anywhere on the clock face to move 
the big hand (the small hand moves automatically) and then press done. 

ABCYa's Time Travel game has many different levels and allows you to 
choose between analog and digital clocks to practice with. 

Bedtime Bandits is a fun game that has students 
match the digital time to the time on a clock. 

Clockworks gives students practice setting the clock to a given time. 

Set the Clock is a game that is played by pressing the arrows on the bottom of the clock to go forward or backwards and match the given time. 

Time Teller is a game where students must drag the hands of the clock to show the correct time. 
When you think you have the right time, just press OK. 

Departures is a game where you must set the clock to match the
departure time in order for the flight to take off. 

Clock Rotate has a clock face that has been rotated. 
You job is to figure out the time it shows. 

Nash's Adventures is a fun game that includes some time telling. 

Time has three different games- 
Telling the time, AM or PM?, and The 24 Hour Clock. 

Hickory Dickory Dock Clock is a game that has students match
the time in words to the correct clock. 


What's the Time Mr. Wolf? is a neat time game that
 is based on the Little Red Riding Hood Story. 

Time Tunnel ~ Fly your ship through a tunnel collecting fuel and avoiding depletors. 
Break the time gates with intervals of half, quarter, five minutes and minutes.

Time Keeper ~ Burt the Bird wants to help you fix your clocks. 
Pick the clock that shows the correct time. 
Four different difficulties including half-hour, quarter-hour, five minutes, and minutes.

Sparklebox has some fabulous time printables here and here.


  1. I often review previously learned skills by playing games on the Smartboard when we finish things early, this collection of games is perfect for that!
    Stories From Second

  2. WOW. We are just teaching time. I will use this with my classroom. I'm your newest follower! thanks.

  3. Thanks so much for posting this! We recently moved to a different school district (DoDD) and my first grader is struggling with time. Her old school hadn't touched it yet, but her new school learned before she got there at the beginning of the year. I really needed some resources that could help her out at home. Someone suggested this post and its perfect!

  4. I love all your resources! Thanks for sharing!

  5. oh my goodness! Thank you for sharing these!
    I am your newest follower!


    Apples and ABC's


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