Monday, March 26, 2012

Sentence Building

Below are some great sites for young students to work
 on building and creating complete sentences.  
Many have oral options and would be great to use
 whole class or with individual students. 
Let the sentence building begin! 

Students drag the puzzle pieces to make a sentence.

Students fill in the blank to complete the sentences. 
This has an audio button where the sentences 
can be read to them for an independent activity.

 The teacher types in a sentence and the words are them mixed up. 
The student's must arrange the words
 correctly on the runway to complete the sentence. 

Arrange the words in the correct order across the bottom of the 
screen to make a proper sentence and reveal the patchwork picture. 

Click on a word or letter and while holding down your mouse button, 
drag it to a different place on the refrigerator. 
When you release your mouse button, the word will "stick" to
 the fridge right where you left it.  
If you need to duplicate a word, click on the word and hit the
 "d" key and another card for that word will appear. 

Click the words/phrases to make complete sentences and earn bananas. 

This is a great site from Reading Rainbow.  Just click on a button 
from each row to make a silly sentence. 
Once you complete your sentence, it is read aloud to you! 

The following sites from TES iboard are all great sentence creators. 
Students position the characters on the backdrop 
and then create sentences to show their location. 

Make silly sentence by dragging around nouns and verbs into the boxes. 
Click on the sound icons to hear the words. 
A correctly formed sentence will be rewarded with an image
 and sentences can be printed.


  1. Thanks so much for these awesome resources!! :)


  2. These are AWESOME websites! Thank you:)

  3. I love this. I have some students who would really benefit from these resources. Thank you.

  4. Thanks so much! I am going to add them to my SiteHoover page right now!

  5. Can't thank you enough for all of these unbelievable sites!


    Stories from Room 114

  6. I have had a SMARTboard for 8 years and I could never come up with lessons so engaging. Wonderful job!


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