Thursday, February 23, 2012


My friend A came into my room the other day and told me the following story. 
Y' was so funny I laughed until I cried! 

She had a sub aide in her classroom.  
Her students were going around the room introducing themselves to the sub.

So things go fine until one boy, we will call him Bobby, had a turn. 

He said: 
My name is Bobby. I am in the 4th grade. have the BIGGEST 
nose I have ever seen in my WHOLE life. 

My friend immediately panicked and  started talking about how
we don't mention things about other peoples physical appearance
 because it might hurt their feelings. 
Bobby apologized and seemed to understand that it was inappropriate. 

They continued with the introductions for a few more students,
with Bobby starting at the sub the entire time,
 when he busted out saying:
But it's just so's AMAZING! 

Y' took everything in me NOT to go into that 
classroom to look at that girls  ENORMOUS nose. 
But I just didn't think I could do it without cracking up! 


  1. So why am I cracking up??

    Quench Your First

  2. I needed that giggle this morning:) Thanks!!
    1st GRADE ROCKS!!!

    1. You are welcome! It is so wrong but so stinkin' funny!

  3. I had a kid ask our building sub MISS B if she was a guy. Nice. Funny how the adults just kind of ignored it and moved on.


  4. That was too funny! I know technically it was inappropriate but I am glad that I was not in that classroom b/c I would be laugh too

    Ms. patterson
    Pocket Full of Kinders


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