Monday, January 16, 2012

Kid Resolutions

Last week in each of my classes we discussed resolutions. 
It was a fun discussion where we talked about how resolutions were basically a goal- 
something people wanted to do {like exercising more} 
or wanted to stop doing {like biting their nails}. 

After a long discussion about realistic goals, 
each of my students chose a goal for 2012. 

Below are a few of my favorites:

I'm going to not blame my sister.

To not hit my brother. 

Get ripped. 
{A 4th grader getting ripped? So funny!}

Not get annoyed by Brandon. 
{I don't know Brandon but this cracked me up!}

I would like to stop messing with my mom while she's working.

This is my favorite! 
My resolution is to sometimes follow all the rules at home. 

I love my kids!


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