Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fun with Punxsutawney Phil

Below are some interactive sites, printables, videos, and treats
 to help you celebrate Groundhog Day with your students this week! 

Groundhog Day Sites:
A great talking storybook by Mighty Books here. 

Groundhog Day Story by Starfall

Online Groundhog Day quiz here. 

Groundhog Day Songs here and here.

Groundhog day Smart Notebook files to download here and here. 

Groundhog Day Printables:
  • From ABCTeach here. 

  • Groundhog Day Quiz from Education World here. 

  • TONS from Enchanted Learning here including: puppets, masks, follow the instructions worksheet,  spelling worksheets, word hunts, alphabetical order, word search, analogies, poems, quiz, code, fractions, books and MANY more!

Groundhog Day Videos:
There is a great Groundhog Day slide show from the New York Times here. 

Here are some fun YouTube Groundhog Videos:

Groundhog Day Treats:
There are also some SUPER cute little groundhog day treats I found recently on Pinterest. 

How cute is this one from Sweetology?

Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons has several cute groundhog day treats here.

Family Fun has these adorable groundhog cupcakes! So fun!


  1. Wow! Thank you for sharing! I haven't had a chance to check out tech ideas for Groundhog Day and now you have them all ready for me. Thank you!
    An Open Door

  2. How cute!

    Tag! You're it! Visit my blog for details.

    Pitner's Potpourri

  3. I'm your latest have an awesome blog! Thanks for all the groundhog's day resources, my kiddos will definitely be doing the story from Starfall this week in the comp. lab.

    Click on over and check out my brand new blog. Thanks!!


    "Kindergarten Kel

  4. I just found your blog and I'm your newest follower! I will definitely be using some of these resources this week.

    Lesson plans & Lattes

  5. You've been TAGGED:) Come by and see...
    1st GRADE ROCKS!!!


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